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At Loafers, we live the tradition of “scratch baking,” as we create extraordinary bread from freshly milled wheat – warm from the oven – every morning. For over twenty years we have provided the Pittsburgh area with great products. Our purpose and honest commitment to quality is at our core, and is in each and every loaf of bread that we make.

We are committed to using natural ingredients in our products – we always have been, and we always will. We believe that people today are mindful of what they put in their bodies and so we will continue to provide great tasting products that not only nourish our customers, but please their palettes while helping them attain a healthy lifestyle.

“Stop by one of our three Pittsburgh area locations today and experience Loafers for yourself.”

Milling Bread Bakery


We start in the wee hours of the morning at our stone-burr mill, milling the wheat fresh from one family’s farm in Montana. These grains are special. They’re 100% High Plains Hard Red Spring Wheat, grown without any chemicals. They yield the highest protein, highest fiber flour and are simply the best in the world for producing nutritious bread. The two giant stones in our mill grind this wheat slowly and without excess heat to keep the nutrition and the flavor of this world-class wheat intact.

Mixing Bread Bakery


At Loafers, the Mixing Loafer is the “heart” of the bakery and begins loafing early – long before most hard-working folks hear their alarm clocks. Our natural bread ingredients are simple and of the highest quality, since a loaf is only as good as the sum of its ingredients. However, each ingredient must be carefully weighed, measured and mixed at just the right temperatures to begin proper bread development.


The Kneading Loafers “work” the dough, using the bakers most complex, advanced and versatile equipment – Our Hands. There is just no replacement in bread making for human hands. The dough must be pressed and stretched until it has the proper texture and “skin” for an outstanding loaf – requiring experience and a feel for the dough. Using these same hands, we mold the bread (usually into a round shape for even baking) and place each finished loaf carefully onto parchment paper on flat pans so we need no oil. The Kneading Loafers are the artisans of the bakery.


The loaves rest one final time for final development, called “proofing”. This is done under the watchful eye of the Oven Loafer, who is the “brain” of the bakery. The bread must rise to a proper size, but the time required changes each day depending upon temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure – even in a climate controlled facility! Some of our breads need additional heat and humidity to rise properly. Others would be totally ruined by such a Louisiana-like environment. Part of the bakers job is to make sure each bread receives the tender loving care it needs. When each loaf is at its prime in expansion and firmness, it goes into the oven.


Our oven is the size of a room (10′ by 14′) and has a giant “Ferris wheel” inside to move the trays to all parts of the oven for even baking. The Oven Loafer carefully watches the bread bake, checking often by sight and touch until each loaf has been baked to perfection. then the hot bread is quickly but gingerly placed onto cooling racks – delicious, wholesome, and ready for eating!


The moment you walk into the bakery you are a part of the Loafer’s family. Our service will treat you as such, letting you experience the family-feel conversation as you wait for your fresh meal. Every slice is served with a smile, as the staff is courteous and enthusiastic about your experience at Loafers whether you are a regular or with us for the first time. We promise to deliver all our products to a high standard, promptly, reliably and always conscious of your positive experience, to respect your individuality, and to create the perfect visit to fill your bread needs.

Jordan Summers

Loafers is amazing - delicious sandwiches, fresh homemade breads, and absolutely fantastic desserts (my favorites are the raspberry pies, tiramisu scones, cinnamon rolls and everything else!). The staff is very friendly. And everything has the taste of quality...